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Fast and affordable Blender render farm

Don't settle for lower quality work because of high rendering costs.

Render your 3D creations with our high-speed Blender render farm and save thousands.

Meet rentaflop, Earth's most innovative Blender render farm

Get an exact price quote, render time estimate, and sample frames for free!

Simply upload your project, launch your render, and download the completed result.

Join now and render your work!

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Rentaflop sources its hardware from across the globe, tapping into a supply of millions of graphics cards, rather than centralized data centers.

The result: rentaflop helps Blender artists render animations faster and cheaper than anyone else in the world.

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All Blender versions available upon request

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Why render with us?

Blazing fast render speed

Meet all your deadlines with ease. Our many GPU machines across the globe render what would take days in a matter of hours.

Industry leading prices

Underutilized hardware around the world renders your work to save you money. Save up to 90% compared to other render farms!

Data security and privacy

Your work is encrypted upon upload and when placed on rendering machines. Our security tiers provide added options for your privacy needs.

24/7 rendering with fast support

Render any time you want. If you need help, you can email or live chat us and get support typically in minutes, even on weekends and holidays.

Satisfaction or your money back

We take the risk and uncertainty out of rendering. We think you'll love rentaflop, but if you're not satisfied for any reason, we'll refund you.

Smarter rendering transparency

Know everything you need to about your render. Try our free price calculator to get a render time estimate, sample frames, and an exact price quote.

We give you fast and affordable rendering, up to 90% cheaper than alternative services like Blendergrid, GarageFarm, and RenderStreet. Don't waste money paying several times more with other online render farms. Use our price calculator to get an exact price quote, render time estimate, and sample frames for free! No credit card required.

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How rentaflop compares

CompanyPriceFast Rendering Starting ImmediatelySupports Both Cycles and EeveeSatisfaction or Money BackData Privacy
rentaflop$0.0019 per OBhYesYesYesYes
RenderStreet~$0.0068 per OBhYesYesNoYes
GarageFarm$0.0050 per OBh, fast tierYesNoNoYes
RebusFarm$0.0045 per OBhYesNoYesYes
Concierge Render$0.0040 per OBhYesYesNoYes
BlendergridDetermined prior to renderYesNoYesYes
SheepItSpend points earned from providing computing powerNoYesNoNo

Data from 10/05/22

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How it works

Step 1

Register and upload your work to our cloud render farm.

Step 2

Calculate price (optional) and launch your render.

Step 3

Download your result once rendering is complete.

What is a Blender render farm?

A Blender render farm is a collection of computers that work together to render your 3D graphics or animations. It allows you to distribute the rendering process across multiple machines, which can significantly reduce the time it takes to render a scene. Render farms are used by professionals in the animation, architecture, and film industries to create high-quality, photo-realistic images and animations. Read more about how a Blender render farm can save you time and money on your next project.

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Epilog laser is a happy rentaflop customer
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Vliani had an excellent experience with rentaflop

What our customers say

Bryan Weathers - 3D Artist with Epilog Laser

"I'm impressed with how well your service has handled some of the larger renders we've sent your way; some of the Epilog Blender files are quite bulky and have really high memory usage that nearly bring my personal computer to a crawl, especially with some at 6k resolution, but you've handled it wonderfully."

Dylan-B Tierney - UX Designer at Vliani

"The experience was brilliant. Overall amazing & saved me a bunch of time, definitely will recommend you guys & I'll be using you again in the future."

David Adam Ettedgui - Producer at Ettedgui Films

"Time is money, and I saved both with rentaflop. This service is terrific."

Parker Warner Wright - Producer at Wright Times Productions

"Great service you're offering. I look forward to doing more rendering with rentaflop."

Gustaf Markblad - 3D Animator at Zynk

"Great service, by the way! I will be back."

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